Sculpting Nature, instillation in empty Department store for Exeter Art Week 2023
Wolk Walk
Wolf Walk, instillation in Darmstadt Germany, a walk in the shape of a wolf
Wolf Walk Darmstadt

Wolf Walk Darmstadt

The wolf image was found by looking at the street layout of the centre of Darmstadt so that the same walk can be made in the town by following certain streets. At no point on the wolf walk can the whole image be seen; this was inspired by the mysterious ancient Nasca Lines in South America depicting animal and abstract designs that can only be seen when viewed from the air. A group of students created the wolf costumes for local school children to wear.

conker playground sculpture
Bronze conker playground sculpture

Conker is a cast bronze sculpture on an oak base, commissioned by St.Leonards primary School in Exeter. The piece is tactile with a smooth concave side and a rough convex side, evoking the protective, nurturing case of the conker.

recycled sculpture made from rubbish

Recycle ‘Cowboys to Astronauts‘. The sculpture is made from wooden objects and furniture that I found at the Exeter rubbish dump. Designed in a circular form to resemble tumbleweed the original individual objects can still be visually puzzled out of the rotating mass. Recycled objects include a ladder, table, chairs and a broom.

The sculpture was inspired by a seminar on the importance of recycling held at the University of Exeter. The seminar lead to a touring exhibition organised by the University and Exeter’s Enviro Hub to promote the cycle economy. Additionally I organising family workshops at the Enviro Hub (a recycle centre) turning rubbish into new Planets. The sculpture was later moved to the reception hall at RILD within the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.

Little Red House Finland by Caroline Saunders

Little Red House, cast iron 2.4 meters high. Commissioned for Pirkkala Sculpture Park, Finland. Pirkkala is an industrial part of Finland so the iron relates to the traditional red houses around the lake as well as the local industry.

Pelican gate at zoo by Caroline Saunders

Pelican Gate, welded steel 100x530x5cm. Commissioned by Blackpool City Council for the pedestrian entrance to Blackpool Zoo. Steel rods manipulated to ‘draw’ the preening pelicans before welding in place. The gate was made while I lived at the zoo as artist in residence.

Land art

The Lion of Namibia, a land drawing commissioned by Exeter City Council as part of the Rugby World Cup. The image drawn on a hillside overlooking Exeter is an unusual ancient rock drawing of a lion discovered in Namibia. The project grew into a touring exhibition with public workshops led by Caroline Saunders.

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sculpture Norway wood carving
Site specific ‘Talisman’ sculpture in Alta Norway 2000, 350 x 50 x 50cm carved pine, slate, birch and steel. Public sculpture by the road in Gargia between Alta and Kautokeino in northern Norway.