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I am a Scottish artist working from my studio on edge of Dartmoor. Contact me about work for sale, commissions or projects:

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Carving is exploring, I want to be surprised, learn and respond. To allow myself that freedom while I work I have shapes already worked out through drawing. The organic shapes come from curves that fit comfortable in my hand and from reflecting on the tree or mountain the material came from then abstracting that all down to the essentials. Shapes that have a rawness, weight and energy.

When I lived in northern Norway I pulled back moss from rocks to see ancient carvings of boats, figures and animals. It is these ancient rock carvings that resonate with me and sparked the exploration of the power behind them. Through the process of taking an axe to wood I am tapping into a primal need to touch, play and connect to nature.

I studied fine art (BA) at Exeter and sculpture at Prague Art Academy (AVU)

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We were really moved by the animistic approach to sculpture, where Caroline has clearly spent much time with her materials and helped them to reveal their inner characters – joyful, playful and just so tactile.